The path of the priestesses and priests renews the sacred space within you.


* leadership from the core * 

You remember your priesthood in all forms and aspeckts from the  source of your being. The sacred space from which your priesthood arises is brought into light.


Regardless of which path of priesthood you have taken and which initiations you have gone through in the past, here and now you will regain your strength to be, to lead and
to serve from your divine core.


Service and devotion are One. Here is where your power lies.




3 days * Online *  in the sacred space


What awaits you comes from you and from your inner core.

What awaits you is guidance from your being . 
What awaits you is empowerment from your sacred space.


If you open the sacred space of your priesthood all previous concepts fall away, you act from your essence .

Everything that had blocked, changed or distroyed this space
or made it no longer accessible for you will




Taken out of oblivion you will immerse yourself into the sacred within you, untouched and always the
bubbles within you.



You take responsibility for your being and your service as a priestess & as a priest in the expression you have chosen for yourself.You recognize your path as your task is fulfilled. You lead from your sacred being and space.


* leadership from the core *




 we come together in a group up to 8 participants.
We work together with meditations, regressions and energy exercises in the group and each individually and 1:1 with me.


Online dates & times
November 24th – 26th 2023
Fri.: TW time:  7-9 pm / GR time:  1-3 pm / GER time 12-2 pm
Sat.: TW 3-5 pm & 7-9 pm / GR 9-11 am & 13-15 am
GER 8-10 am & 12-14 am
Sun.: TW 3-5 pm & 6-8 pm / GR 9-11 am & 12-14 pm
GER 8-10 am & 11-13 pm


and one month later we will meet for a follow  – up meeting.

Your investment –  THE PATH OF THE PRIESTS  – 800 Euro
(for installment payment 2 x 400 Euro or 4 x 200 Euro, please contact me)




For your booking please contact me via FB Messenger



or send me a message to

I am looking forward to meet you!